MLB Showdown Card Game

2000 MLB Showdown Logo

I was introduced to MLB Showdown during the summer of 2000 while stationed in the United Kingdom with the United States Air Force. It was a collectible card game made by Wizards of the Coast that ran from 2000-2005. The card game simulated a baseball game, using a 20-sided die, player cards and strategy cards. The outcome of each at-bat was dependent on the player cards for the batters and pitchers. The player who was pitching would roll the die to determine if the batting player would roll on the pitcher’s chart or the batter’s chart. If he was rolling on the pitcher’s chart, the pitcher would have the advantage and vice-versa.

I recently purchased some starter sets with the hopes of teaching my kid the joys of playing the game. Since he doesn’t know much about the players from the 2000-2005 game I thought I would create some cards of modern players for him to use. In addition I will be creating some cards of players from the past that I grew up watching or that I enjoyed watching old game footage of.

In the posts that will follow I will be sharing some of my custom MLB Showdown cards that I create. There is no set guidelines on who I will create and will be pretty random. If you would like to see a player created give me a shout at and I will try my best to get one done. I may also post some random baseball stuff but will try to relate it to MLB Showdown when possible.

Thanks for stopping by and bookmark the site so you can keep up with my progress.



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